Twitter cooperates with Elon Musk and will provide access to data on fake accounts


Will the situation calm down between Twitter and Elon Musk? By sharing the raw flow of all tweets in real time with its future boss, the social network wants to put an end to the controversy of fake accounts.

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Twitter plays the good student. After a formal complaint from Elon Musk to the SEC (the US financial market authority) accusing the microblogging site of “retention of information” on the subject of fake accounts, the social network will offer the businessman full access to his tweet stream. A move which, the company hopes, should calm the psychodrama around the takeover, which has been going on for almost a month.

From internal company sources, the washington post has indeed learned that the social network will make available to its future boss the complete stream of all the tweets posted on the platform. The impressive flow of data (about 500 million daily messages) should allow the boss of Tesla to form his own idea of ​​the number of bots and fake accounts present on the platform. What also respond to the accusation that Twitter “resists and interferes with the rights to information (and the corresponding obligations of the company) included in the agreement“spent with Elon Musk.

Full access to all tweets

Today, barely a dozen companies have access to this raw data stream according to the washington post. It must be said that access to all the tweets in real time – a bit like if a person followed all the accounts registered on the platform – is a veritable goldmine of data, which also includes information on the devices from which are written the tweets and on the accounts used. A valuable resource for all advertising agencies in the world. This should allow Elon Musk “independently assess the estimateson the volume of bots and fake accounts registered on the platform, as the businessman demanded.

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In his letter to the SEC dated January 6, 2022, the boss of Tesla specified that in the event of sharing of this data, the information would be protected and framed by a non-disclosure agreement. “Mr. Musk will not retain or use sensitive information […] if the transaction is not concluded” also adds the letter. Given the eccentricity of the boss of Tesla (and his particular respect for the rules of protection of the stock market), we can still expect a few nuggets in the coming weeks.

Twitter tries to force Musk’s hand

For Twitter, this outstretched hand is a way of calming things down around this controversy over fake accounts. But it’s also a way to twist Elon Musk’s arm and force him to honor his takeover offer. According to the washington post, more and more Twitter executives doubt the sincerity of the South African businessman and see this pirouette as a way to get out of an agreement he no longer wants. Access to the raw data stream has indeed been made available for years to those who agree to get their hands on the wallet.

By being as transparent as possible, the company hopes to force Elon Musk to go through with his takeover offer (which values ​​the company at $43 billion) and avoid the stock market downturn that would accompany a cancellation of the agreement. Perhaps also that the fall in Tesla shares (-39.52% since the beginning of the year) has cooled the ardor of the richest man in the world, who had precisely rested on the sale of his actions to improvise owner of Twitter.

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