United States: 3 dead and 11 injured in a shooting in Philadelphia

TKings people were killed and eleven others injured Saturday night in a shooting in a crowded street in Philadelphia (northeastern United States), police said.

“Fourteen people, to our knowledge, were hit by gunfire and hospitalized,” Inspector DF Pace told reporters. “Three of these people, two men and one woman, were pronounced dead after arriving at hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds. »

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Multiple shooters

Inspector Pace told local media that officers who attended the scene “observed several active shooters opening fire on the crowd” in the busy South Street area of ​​Philadelphia. “You can imagine there were hundreds of people taking advantage of South Street, like every weekend, when this shooting broke out,” the inspector said.

According to him, the police opened fire on one of the shooters but it is not known if he was hit. Local media reported that no arrests had been made. According to Inspector Pace, two handguns were found on the spot and the police must wait until the morning to examine the images of the surveillance cameras of the surrounding businesses which were closed on Saturday evening. The investigation is proceeding “smoothly”, with “many unanswered questions”, he added. Since the May 24 shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 21 people, there have been more than 20 multiple-victim shootings in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

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