United States: a complicated summit of the Americas for Joe Biden

The United States is organizing this Monday in Los Angeles the ninth Summit of the Americas, a meeting bringing together the heads of state of the continent. A real diplomatic test for US President Joe Biden, as some countries threatened to boycott the event.

On all fronts. Very invested in Europe since the war in Ukraine, mobilized by the rivalry with China in the Pacific, Joe Biden must also look towards his southern border.

From this Monday and for four days, the American president will host the ninth Summit of the Americas, organized this year in the United States in Los Angeles.

Supposed to bring together all the countries of the continent, the event had lead in the wing before it even started. As host country, the United States indicated at the beginning of May that it would not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, Joe Biden having indicated that “commitment to democracy” would be a “key factor in knowing who is invited or not”.

many challenges for the continent

Washington criticizes Cuba for the heavy sentences imposed on the peaceful protesters of July 11, 2021 in Havana and does not recognize the election of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in 2018, nor that of the President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega last November.

In response, Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador had threatened, at the beginning of May, to boycott the summit. Chile and Argentina had also expressed their dissatisfaction.

Migration crisis at the US-Mexico border, post-pandemic economic recovery, growing influence of China… The American continent is however facing major challenges that cannot be resolved without multilateral dialogue.

Washington has already sent a signal of appeasement by easing some of the sanctions imposed on Venezuela in 2019, including an oil embargo, aimed at ousting Nicolas Maduro from power after the controversial 2018 elections that led to his re-election.

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