United States: a preacher calls for the execution of gays

Christian preacher Dillon Awes preached a violent and hateful speech against the homosexual community during his sermon this Sunday, June 5 at the Stedfast Baptist Church in Texas (United States).

“All homosexuals are pedophiles”. Here is the essence of the hate speech preached by Pastor Dillon Awes in front of his faithful, Sunday in Texas, even calling to kill each member of this community ferociously.

“Every gay man in our country should be charged with the crime of abomination of homosexuality that he has, he should be convicted in many trials, he should be sentenced to death, he should be lined up against the wall and shot dead. a bullet in the neck! That’s what God teaches. That’s what the Bible says. You don’t like it, you don’t like the words of God,” Dillon Awes told his audience.

A commitment against the pride march

Since the beginning of June, Pride has organized events, marches and parades across the United States to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, as has traditionally been the case since 1969.

Firmly opposed to this tradition, the Stedfast church has multiplied the videos, in particular through Jonathan Shelley, the founding pastor, to protest against this custom.

A church at the heart of other controversies in the past

In 2016, Donnie Romero, another Stedfast-affiliated pastor, sparked controversy when he praised Pulse killer Omar Mateen for his massacre that claimed the lives of 49 gay people in a shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub. , in Florida.

In 2017, Stedfast Church became part of the newly created independent Baptist and Fundamentalist movement. Since 2019, the founder of this movement, Steve Anderson, has been banned from around 30 countries for having advocated the death penalty for gays, according to the LGBT + media Komitid.

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