US military intelligence to Ukrainians

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The United States provides information to the Ukrainian army, but this cooperation is very framed. The objective is to provide the Ukrainians with as much information as possible about Russian troop movements, while avoiding a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia. According to washington postthe Ukrainian authorities are very satisfied with the information obtained, namely satellite images, recordings of conversations and other unspecified sources.

The Americans Tell Us Where The Russians Are So We Can Target Them “, explains a Ukrainian official to the washington post. Also according to the newspaper, in order not to provoke Moscow, Washington has however set two limits on this sharing of military data: “ no information that could help Ukraine kill senior Russian leaders, such as government officials “. And, continues the newspaper, no information either that could facilitate Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory ».

$997 million in compensation after Miami building collapse

Survivors and families of victims of a building collapse last June will receive almost $1 billion in compensation. It’s in one of Miami Herald. An agreement was reached yesterday by justice. It puts an end to a collective action, a “class action” against several entities, including the promoters of a construction project near the collapsed building. The twelve-story building had partially collapsed in the middle of the night of June 24, in Surfside, north of Miami Beach.

Only one person could be found alive in the rubble, all the other inhabitants, 98 in total, perished in the collapse. According to a lawyer for the plaintiffs, the agreement on restitution will alleviate some of the pain of the relatives of the victims. The father of a young woman killed in the disaster in doubt. “ All this money won’t give me back my daughter“, he explains to the Miami Herald. This father is also disappointed that the agreement did not establish any responsibility for the accident.

A summit of the Americas boycotted by Latin American countries?

Who will be at the Summit of the Americas, scheduled for early June in Los Angeles? Or better, who will not be there? The continental press in any case wonders at the rate of the possible boycotts of several Latin American leaders. On the menu of this summit, the thorny issue of immigration. But it is not the agenda that is the problem, according to Politico. Washington’s wish not to invite authoritarian regimes like Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua is strongly criticized by some.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador threatens not to come if these three countries are declared undesirable, headlines the Los Angeles Times. And yesterday, we learned that the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, could also shun the event, but for reasons of internal politics. A few months before the presidential election, he does not want to offend his supporters by sharing the poster with an American president whom he continues to criticize. Everyone knows he prefers Donald Trump, writes Folha de Sao Paulo.

The investigation into the assassination of the Paraguayan prosecutor begins

Marcelo Pecci, a prosecutor specializing in the fight against drug trafficking, was killed by two people who disembarked on a jet ski while he was on a private beach in the Baru Peninsula, Colombia, spending his moon honey. The assassination and especially the modus operandi continue to make the front page of Colombian newspapers.

This kind of crime has already been committed in Mexico, but never in Colombia“, writing The Spectator. According to the newspaper, the police collected more than 100 clues in the 24 hours following the assassination, but so far they have not helped to move the investigation forward.


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