USA: IRS continues its search for fraudsters in Switzerland under the Fatca agreement

The US tax authorities request customer data from 26 Swiss banks.

The US tax authorities (IRS) continue to search for possible tax evaders in Switzerland. It requests information concerning accounts identified as American with 26 financial institutions within the framework of the Fatca agreement.

The establishments concerned are in particular UBS Switzerland, Swiss Life, Banque Migros, Postfinance, Julius Baer, ​​cantonal banks (Zurich, Valais, Bern, Basel, Aargau) but also Banque Cler, J. Safra Sarasin, or even Bordier, Piguet Galland, Banque Heritage and Banque Syz. The deadline for the communication of information is 20 days from Wednesday, June 15.

According to documents from the Federal Tax Administration (FCA) on Tuesday, “information is requested regarding accounts that were identified as U.S. accounts or nonparticipating financial institution accounts, to which foreign reportable amounts were been paid” and that the establishments concerned have communicated to the IRS for the year 2021.

In its request for administrative assistance, the US tax authorities rely on an agreement aimed at facilitating the implementation of the Fatca law (“Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”) between Switzerland and the United States.

In June 2021, the tax authorities across the Atlantic were looking for customer data from around forty Swiss banking establishments.

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