Web hosting for the USA: which host to choose?

It is not easy to find a good web host. It must be said that there are a lot of them in 2022. What about web hosting for the United States? Who offers the best service? Our teams have taken the time to test and compare the main market players. Following you will find presentations for the best web hosting in the USA.

Web hosting for the USA: things to know

To get this article off to a good start, we think it’s a good idea to define what can be considered American web hosting.

In order to achieve the classification presented below, we took into account a lot of things. Now two aspects were more important than the others in order to appear in this list of web hosting for the United States:

  • The presence of a datacenter in the United States (or in a neighboring country – Canada for example)
  • The provision of customer support in English

Without these two points, even the best possible and imaginable web host would not have been able to appear in our ranking.

That said, once this first selection was made, we took into account quite a few other aspects. This note concerns: performance, uptime, security, support, features and tools offered, etc.

Top 3 best web hosting in USA

Now is the time to introduce you to the best web hosts in the USA. You will find a detailed presentation of the top 3 that we were able to establish.

To achieve this, and as mentioned previously, our teams took the time to analyze, test and compare several dozen hosts that met the criteria (datacenter in the United States or in a nearby country and English-speaking customer support) .

Suffice to say that we have done our best to offer you an objective listing. Without further ado, we let you discover the hosts who have managed to do well.

1. Hostinger – America’s Best Web Host

© Hostinger

As #1 in our comparison of the best web hosts, it’s anything but a surprise to find Hostinger right here.

The first thing that must be noted at all costs is the fact that Hostinger has a data center in the United States. The host also has them in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Netherlands) and in Asia (Singapore).

They are all Tier 3 certified. What does this mean for you, the customer? That you will be able to count on an uptime of over 99.982%. Our tests have also enabled us to observe that over a full year, this value was closer to 99.99%, which is excellent.

Pure performance is also there. By installing a test site on a Hostinger web hosting, we were able to see an average loading time of less than half a second. In addition, you can rely on LiteSpeed ​​technology to improve the speed of your website.

As surprising as it may seem, Hostinger manages to offer affordable plans. To give you an idea, its flagship shared hosting offer is available for only €2.99/month. This is how we recognize the best American web hosts. You can find more details on the different plans that exist at the end of the presentation.

To take advantage of the best prices, the trick is to commit to the long term. The longer the commitment, the lower the price.

Visit Hostinger

On the customer support side, our opinion is excellent. Although it is not possible to reach an agent by phone, you can rely on an online chat. An agent will answer you in a few minutes and that, 24/7. Discussions can take place in English or French, the choice is yours. Hostinger also offers a knowledge base with many tutorials and resources (to secure your site, install an SSL certificate, etc.).

What about the features, the administration panel? Hostinger offers the most complete web hosting in the USA. With its shared plan, the host gives access to a free domain name, SSL certificates, SSD storage, automatic backups, an unlimited number of databases… Be aware, however, that depending on the offer you choose, the benefits may vary.

What does not vary is the administration panel. The administration of your site and hosting will take place through the hPanel solution. Developed by Hostinger, we found it to be easy to learn, while being very complete.

The different offers of this web host in the United States:

2. PlanetHoster – the best customer support

PlanetHoster web hosting
© PlanetHoster

Although it does not have a data center in the United States, we believe that PlanetHoster offers excellent web hosting for the United States.

If you have read the first section of our comparison, you are probably suspecting where PlanetHoster’s datacenter is located. In Canada, indeed. This host is based in Quebec, near Montreal.

Although the company is located in a French-speaking region, it is quite possible to communicate with a support agent in English. About its customer support, PlanetHoster is a real reference. This is the best service that we have been able to test. It is possible to contact an agent 24/7 using different methods: telephone (preferred for a quick response), online chat and ticket.

This host offers a total of two offers. One which is similar to shared hosting (The World) and the other which combines Cloud hosting and dedicated server (HybridCloud). The first seems to us to be the most suitable in most cases.

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With it you can create a blog on WordPress, an online store, and even host several sites at the same time. Above all, The World plan will give you access to a lot of advantages and tools. This web host for the USA offers a free domain name for life, backups every 12 hours, the possibility of choosing the IP of its site, unlimited disk space…

In terms of performance, even without a datacenter in the United States, PlanetHoster really holds up. By going through its Canadian datacenter, you can expect an uptime of over 99.982%. And for the speed of the hosted site? The results obtained during our tests are good: less than a second to load our test site and its pages.

What else should you know about this company, its services? PlanetHoster offers free inbound migration. If you want to switch web hosting to the United States, this is ideal. Its teams will take care of the transfer for you, and that without any additional cost.

Otherwise, it is good to note that the plans of this host are scalable. At any time, you can add CPU cores, RAM or even disk space (in the case of the HybridCloud plan).

Hosting plans that can be used in the United States:

3. Ex2 – quality web hosting

Ex2 web hosting
© Ex2

The last member of this ranking of the best web hosting for the US also comes from Canada. It is called Ex2.

This host is far from being the best known… and yet. After testing it for a long time, we could see that it was a strong candidate for the title of best web hosting for the United States. Unlike PlanetHoster, Ex2 does have a datacenter in the US.

This is Tier 3 certified and will therefore guarantee you an uptime close to 99.99%. We were able to confirm on our side the veracity of this announcement. In terms of performance, Ex2 turns out to be slightly behind Hostinger and PlanetHoster. Nothing too serious but we prefer to point it out to you.

What about the features provided? Ex2 is quite generous. You will find the essential. This includes a free domain name (provided you commit to at least 1 year), automated backups, SSD storage, and even free website transfer if you use cPanel.

Be aware that depending on the offer you choose, the features and tools offered may vary. Since we were mentioning cPanel, we liked the admin panel and the tools made available.

What types of accommodation are available at Ex2? This web host for the United States offers a wide variety of plans (shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, etc.). Details are at the end of the presentation.

For having been able to contact customer support on several occasions, we are able to affirm that it is of quality. It is not the fastest but the answers given have always been satisfactory for us. To reach an agent, you can open a ticket or go through the online chat function.

A knowledge base is also available. It allows you to find answers/solutions if you ever want to manage on your own.

Hosting offers offered by Ex2 in the USA:

  • Shared: from €3.95/month
  • VPS: from €44.99/month
  • Dedicated server: from €53.99/month

Conclusion: which web host for the USA?

This article is already coming to an end. What should be remembered?

First of all, it is worth noting that the web host that has distinguished itself from others on the American market is Hostinger. Whether you are looking for shared web hosting, WordPress, a VPS or a Cloud server, it will suit you for sure.

Hostinger offers a high quality service (performance, features, support) and that, while offering cheap web hosting.

Visit Hostinger

PlanetHoster, even though it doesn’t have a US datacenter, is still a respectable choice.

In any case, note that the hosts presented all offer a money-back guarantee. The duration of this varies depending on the host you choose.

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