Wedia: “Recognized technology, recurring revenue: building a future leader” – 05/12/2022 at 08:55

“The visuals sell the emotion and the emotion, the product”. Wedia responds to a challenge facing many industries today: how to quickly process and relay the right information, the right visual, on the right channel and at the right time, in order to offer the best possible experience?

While global brands are required to manage their marketing content in ever-increasing volumes, they must also offer qualitative, personalized and emotional experiences throughout the customer journey.

In this market context, Wedia is positioned as the essential partner of these international brands in promoting their marketing content (visuals & videos), from their creation to their distribution. Guaranteeing to offer the best possible experience on all existing channels (web, print, social networks, etc.), Wedia thus improves brand awareness while stimulating commercial activity.

With a total turnover of €15.7 million in 2021, Wedia has been a structurally profitable player for several years. In early 2022, the company announced the acquisition of a SaaS software publisher, Tripnity, a tool for managing and planning digital communication on social networks. This acquisition thus adds a new software brick to Wedia’s offer while contributing nearly €5 million to the Group, a new major change.

Backed by this virtuous business model, identified growth catalysts and an active acquisition policy, the Group has all the cards in hand to achieve its objective for 2024, that of achieving a turnover of €30 million and integrate the Top 5 of the sector.

We are initiating Wedia coverage with a target price of €54.00 and a Buy recommendation.


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