Why is the United States failing to solve its problem with weapons?

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Where will the next carnage take place in the United States? When will there be another mass shooting? Who will be the next to sympathize, pray and ask for this to stop? It’s the same thing every time. And this is once again what happened after the massacre in a Texas elementary school, in Uvalde. An 18-year-old young man killed 19 children and 2 adults in cold blood two weeks ago not far from where the NRA was going to hold its annual convention in the presence of Donald Trump.

The powerful pro-gun lobby has claimed that it is a mental health problem of the killer and that honest people should not be deprived of the right to defend themselves. Always the same argument. Always the same killings. This new massacre questions the inability of the United States to curb the proliferation of weapons when for 100 Americans, there are 120 firearms. 19 million were sold in 2021, last year, after the historic year 2020 and 21 million sales. Texas and six other states have reaffirmed the right to “carry” a gun, meaning that the state allows walking on the street with a gun, not just owning one at home. self. Each carnage provokes real emotion, but it invariably subsides after a few days. Why is it so difficult to legislate firearms in the United States?

With our guests :

– Didier Combeauspecialist in the United States, author of “Americans and firearms”, Belin editions and “Being American today” at Gallimard

– Pierre GervaisProfessor of American Civilization at the New Sorbonne University

-Nicolas Conquerspokesperson for Republican Overseas France.


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