With bots, is Elon Musk looking for an excuse to lower the price?

SAGA OF THE SUMMER – Accusing the network of keeping the false accounts vague, the boss of Tesla threatened to withdraw his offer on Monday, but it could cost him dearly

Does Elon Musk really want to buy Twitter? Since submitting an offer in April, the Tesla boss has been blowing hot and cold. On Monday, Musk threatened in an official document to withdraw his offer, accusing the network of dragging its feet in giving him information about the bots. But some observers believe that the issue of fake accounts – which is far from new – is only an excuse to backtrack. Or try to lower the redemption price.

What does Elon Musk’s letter to the stock market authorities say?

In mid-May, the richest man in the world had indicated that he was suspending his offer, the time to carry out an audit proving that bots represent less than 5% of users, as the company had claimed in the document. filed with the securities regulators (SEC) in 2013. On Monday, Elon Musk formally threatened to backtrack in a letter to the SEC, accusing Twitter of “actively resisting” its request for information. He claims to reserve the right “not to consummate” the marriage. Twitter, on the other hand, claims to fulfill its obligations “in accordance with the agreement reached”. And according to the New York Timesthe company has been sharing a lot of information with Elon Musk since April, without r(…) Read more at 20minutes

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